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Reno, Nevada<br /> United States

Past Experience

1983-1990: Learned BASIC and LOGO. Ran a Commodore 64 BBS. Self-taught ML to rip and code import intro screens and demos.

1990-1991: Moved on to an Amiga BBS, and started bot scripting on IRC.

1991-1992: IRCII and emacs scripting.

1992-1996: PCBoard BBS and ASCII art work.

1996-1997: Web design and development began. First blog.

1998-2000: CompTIA A+ Certification. Retail Computer Sales, Service Technician, and Technical Department Manager. ISP Network and Web Administrator.

2001-2003: IRC bot development. Video compression work.

2003-2007: ExpressionEngine website design and development.

2011-present: Wordpress and concrete5 web design and development.


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