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I have been working with computers and using computer technology since 1980. My first laptop was a Toshiba T1200. I am self-taught in PHP and Database design and I come to web design from an end-user's perspective not an IT perspective. I have a great understanding of design as the core of all good web sites. I have good design skills. I like to see things done which others say cannot be done. I have good IT coders available when I need them. I offer a full service of web design, as well as web hosting. All of our websites are hosted on dedicated VPS devices at a secure data centre in Sydney Australia. I operate a managed hosting operation in which I control the content, email functions and other requirements of my clients web/IT needs. I work with corporate and government clients.
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PO Box 3392<br /> Bangor, New South Wales 2234<br /> Australia


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Mechancial Engineer - Diploma
Materials Scientist - Hons Degree


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