Enterprise Extensions

These add-ons are sold and supported by PortlandLabs and extend the trusted free core to meet the needs of a larger organization.

Multi-Step Content Workflow

Enterprise Workflow powers your team with a multi-step, multi-path approval system while maintaining the intuitive editing experience of concrete5.

  • A simple addition to any existing concrete5 website.
  • It can provide multiple workflows, for handling a variety of business practices.
  • It enables application of workflows to any content change or action.
  • Can allow viewing of complete audit trails for accountability.
  • Includes approval batches for launching entire sections at once.


Adds collaboration tools to the free internationalization approach in the core, augmenting it with interfaces that increase efficiencies for a team managing a multilingual localized web presence.

  • Centralized content report delivers a traditional CAT type interface translators can use instead of in-context editing.
  • Content report can integrate with Enterprise Workflow adding complex approval and quality assurance.
  • Language specific dictionaries let translators define commonly used terms once to improve consistency.
  • Translate all theme and application strings centrally using a web GUI.
  • Use Google Translate, Bing, or your own custom dictionary to automatically translate content.

HTML Exporter

The HTML exporter takes a complete copy of your website’s latest content and creates a set of flat HTML files and related assets that can be hosted on any web server. It even scans your website to warn you for blocks that require PHP or MySQL to work.

  • Useful for reducing CPU load on high traffic sites.
  • Enjoy stronger security by not running PHP or MySQL on your live webserver.
  • Use content delivery networks (CDN) to store assets closer to an international audience.
  • Create emergency failsafe snapshots of your website for disaster planning.