concrete5 Support

PortlandLabs is the company that manages concrete5. They also provide support SLAs and development services, as well as high-end hosting. All hosting accounts with PortlandLabs come with a base level of support, but you can also buy support for your project hosted elsewhere. Every support relationship we have is unique, we can work with you to deliver the features and benefits your project requires.


  • Security - We'll let you know if there's a major security issue before we announce it publicly. We'll also make sure there's a hot-fix or update available for you.
  • Disaster Planning - 3am is a horrible time to wonder who has the root password. All of our support contracts come with a clear plan of who does what on both ends in an emergency.
  • Site Monitoring - We check your site every 5 minutes so we know about any performance issues before you do.
  • Unlimited Best Practices Advice - Get a guaranteed response time for your questions and know that you'll never be left spinning your gears again.
  • Application Planning - We're happy to review your project architecture and make suggestions on how to approach more complicated problems with concrete5.
  • Ramp Up Time - Get some custom training for your developers or just make sure you're not reinventing the wheel as you kick off your concrete5 project.
  • Project Consulting - All of our support plans come with a master services agreement that lets us easily complete work on a Time and Materials or Fixed Bid basis. Found a need that requires some custom development? We'll give you a bid and get it done.


A base fee guarantees a response time to best practices questions, security updates, and emergency response from the core team that manages concrete5. Basic "How do I?..." questions are included, so please ask away!

Additional work, building new functionality, fixing mistakes, any "Will you please?..." questions are priced against our hourly rate and completed once you approve the time.

We work with you to come up with a plan that makes sense for your unique organizational needs, price some options with our support calculator.

Who buys support?

An organization with a web presence that must run smoothly.
We can work with your existing vendors to integrate your support stream into a single point of contact for all web needs; from content to hosting. We can help you determine what type of disaster planning makes sense for you, and we can connect you to experts that offer everything you need. We'll can offer you a 99.99% application uptime SLA and more. We can even manage your production process and run upgrades on your site for you.


A web shop that builds client sites all the time.
Why wait and wonder when you could ask us how? We can point you in the right direction, or price new consulting work quickly. When you work with us, you're working with the team who wrote the CMS. You can scale up your shop's throughput without taking on the overhead of new payroll, by depending on us. You're also helping to fund the team that runs concrete5, so you might even see your ideas show up in the next version of the core!

What's this Partner of Record about?

We're not a full service interactive media firm, we're just here to work on concrete5 and back you up.

If you're an organization with a great web presence, you need to count on a creative services team that handles all of your strategic marketing and communication needs. You also need to know if that shop is off on a photoshoot in Hawaii, you have someone to call if your website is broken.

If you're a web shop selling great web sites to organizations, you need an escalation path for when you reach a technical barrier or question you don't have the answer for.

Our Partner of Record support model augments the client-agency relationship perfectly. The organization that owns the website buys a support contract directly from us. They name the agency that designed and built that site as Partner of Record. Now if we get a support request that would involve new work, we let the Partner of Record know as well. If it's a big new idea, you might just want to take the lead on it and use us for development if needed. If it's just some simple changes that are still billable, we will track the time and through our affiliate program you can make money on every hour we spend helping your client.