Internalization issue

(I post my question here as requested by the c5hub team - see below)

Hi again.

I have a better understanding of how the theme works now but encountered in the last 24 hours a bit of an odd problem.

In my English and French top navigation menu, the submenu anchor links are displayed with no problems as you can see:

(You can click on any the top menu anchor links and the down arrows appear)

In German, for some reasons, nothing appears even though the settings are identical:

Any ideas where the problem could lie ?



(c5hub replied on Mar 25, 2019 at 9:35 am

This theme does not control the translation functionality - this is core concrete5 functionality.

You would be advised to seek help in the general concrete5 forums. )

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Kami123 replied on at Permalink Reply
I apologize.

The question and the links which belong to the question can be found at the bottom
of this post: