How To Use

What Does This Plugin Do?

Installing this plugin will add a new attribute type to your site - the colorpicker attribute. This does not add any attributes - it allows you to set up attributes where the user will select a color from Concrete5's default color picker interface.

How Do I Add An Attribute?

Attributes can be added for pages (Pages & Themes > Attributes), files (Files > Attributes) and users (Members > Attributes). If the attribute you want to track is a color (hex code), then go to the relevant attributes page, select "Colorpicker" from the dropdown under "Add Attribute" and click "Go".

I Don't See Colorpicker As An Option.

When you install the plugin, the colorpicker attribute type will be available only to Pages, not Files or Users. But this can be changed! Simply go to System & Settings > Attributes > Types. You'll see Colorpicker towards the bottom of the list. Check (or uncheck) the boxes in that row to add (or remove) this option for each attribute type (page, file, user) and click "Save". When you go back to add an attribute, you'll see the Colorpicker option if you checked the box for that type.