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Is there any way to export the image path for each product, not sure what the best method is for this please.


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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
No - the addon doesn't do anything with images since they're not something that you can update with a text file.
nikkor replied on at Permalink Reply
The below is a bit of a hack to accomplish the export. I did not need to import, so I have not looked into that side of the process. It is pretty easy to export the images urls, if you update the file packages\jero_stock\models\stock.php. I only needed to get the fullsize and thumbnail but if you wanted to get the other associated images you can follow the same process.

In the download function: (public function download() { )
1) Add images fields such as ThumbnailURL & FullImageURL to the header:
$header = 'Name,ID,ThumbnailURL,FullImageURL,Qty,Status,Price,Special,Tiered,Login,Min,Weight,Units,RequiresTax,Tier1,Price1,Tier2,Price2,Tier3,Price3,Tier4,Price4,Tier5,Price5,Tier6,Price6,Tier7,Price7,Tier8,Price8,Tier9,Price9,Tier10,Price10';

2) Add the fields prThumbnailImageFID and prFullImageFID to the sql query:
$sql = 'select productID,prName,prThumbnailImageFID,prFullImageFID,prQuantity,prStatus,prPrice,prSpecialPrice,prUseTieredPricing,prRequiresLoginToPurchase,prMinimumPurchaseQuantity,prWeight,prWeightUnits,prRequiresTax from CoreCommerceProducts';

3) In the foreach loop that processes the SQL query, add in the the section marked /* Get fullpath to images */ and then the lines to insert the urls into the csv $row['prThumbnailImageFID'] . ',' . and $row['prFullImageFID'] . ',' .:
foreach ($data as $row) {
       if ($row['prUseTieredPricing'] == 1) {
      $row['prPrice'] = '';
/* Get fullpath to images */  
       if ($row['prThumbnailImageFID'] == 0) {
            $row['prThumbnailImageFID'] = '';
       } else {
         $TNf = File::getByID($row['prThumbnailImageFID']);
           $TNfv = $TNf->getApprovedVersion();
           $row['prThumbnailImageFID'] = BASE_URL . $TNfv->getRelativePath();
         if ($row['prFullImageFID'] == 0) {
            $row['prFullImageFID'] = '';
       } else {

Hope this helps someone else.

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