Mostly just a compatibility update for Concrete5.5.0. Note that this version will only work with Concrete5.5.0 and higher -- for Concrete5.4.2.2 and lower, keep using version 2.1.3.


Version 2.0 adds many new field types that can be added to blocks, and also provides some new options on existing field types. The workflow for creating block types has not been changed, though -- if you know how to use Designer Content already this will be very easy to figure out.

  • New options for the "Image" field:
    • Image Cropping
    • Links can now be internal pages (sitemap selector) or external URL's. External URL's can be opened in new windows. You can also choose to not show the link field at all.
    • Optionally hide the "Alt Text" field
  • New option for the "Textbox" field: ability to set a character limit
  • Text Area field (converts newlines to html <br /> tags)
  • File Download field (just one file per field, not filesets)
  • Date Picker field (gives users a javascript calendar in the add/edit dialog, and displays date in a specific format in the block view)
  • External URL field (can optionally be opened in a new window)
  • Dropdown List field (this one is more advanced -- it only provides a dropdown list in the add/edit dialog -- it is up to you to modify the view.php file after the block type has been created to make the choices actually do something)
  • Improved the generated "getSearchableContent()" controller function so it puts a separator between each field's content
  • Changed the addon's description in the "Add Functionality" dashboard list so it makes more sense why it needs to stay installed.
  • "Phantom" database tables for blocks that have been removed can now be overwritten when generating a new block that uses the same handle.
  • Bug fixes: at least 2 fields are now always put into the db.xml file; removed white space between prefix, data, and suffix for textbox output; changed htmlspecialchars to htmlentities so blocks will work better with non-ascii characters. 
  • Many improvements to the code generation, so your generated block type only has the code it needs (for example, if you don't have a WYSIWYG field, you won't get all of those content helper functions in your controller)