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Hello! Just downloaded the add-on this morning—so many great, time-saving features. Something I'm interested in but am not presently finding is the ability to edit the canonical tag on a per-page basis. (Use case: reposting an article on our website that was first published on another publication's website. It's our original content, but we'd like the canonical tag to reference their website rather than ours, as they published the piece originally and we'd like to avoid a duplicate content penalty from Google.) Just wanted to double check that this isn't currently possible and that I'm not missing anything. If not, maybe a feature idea for the future. Thank you (and thanks for a great add-on).

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

Indeed, this is not yet tackled in the Add-On. How would you like to see this? A free to enter input field or...? I can get it on the backlog so I can work on that at some later date/point.

Kind regards,


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