Version History


* Entering '&', '&&', '|' or ';' in the terminal input (with protection enabled), will throw an error and not execute anything. This in order not to execute multiple commands. You have to disable the protection to allow these characters in the terminal input first;
* The "If you get a 'Permission denied' error..." info box can be dismissed by clicking the remove/delete button on the right (will appear on page refresh though)";


* Once a command will be executed (by pressing the "Enter" key or the "Execute command button), it will instantly add it to the terminal (instead of waiting for the command to be executed and add the output of the command + the command itself in one split-second);
* Once a command will be executed (by pressing the "Enter" key or the "Execute command button), you will get visual feedback that it will be executed. Once executed, it will be added to the terminal;
* When a command is being executed, you can not send in other commands - you WILL have to wait;
* Changed "terminal:" to the use the actual system name (e.g. "valiant:");
* Added the dollar sign ($) behind the document root (/domains/$) and removed the slash (if it ends with a slash);
* Reduced the terminal height by 150 pixels (to 350 pixels) in order not having to scroll that much for the expanding form below the "Execute command" button;
* Added "Clear terminal" button in the upper right corner to clear the terminal (useful when you have a lot of information/commands in the terminal);
* Added a label giving you info about the protection (either "Protection enabled" or "Protection disabled");


* Added token validation for the form. Once a form has an invalid token, it will let the user know in the terminal and you will have to refresh the page to get the terminal to work;


* Initial Release