As more developer documentation for concrete5.7 becomes available and time permits, I will be porting more of my addons. I have a lot of addons in the marketplace and it will take a while to update them all to 5.7.

Front End Attribute Editor

Front End Attribute Editor provides blocks to edit Page, User and Product attributes and properties directly on a page. No messy page refreshes. No need for dashboard access. Everything works conveniently through on-page controls and dialogs that use an AJAX interface to the server.

Simply add a block for each attribute you want to enable editing for. The users or groups who have access to the front end editing are configured through the block edit dialog. Users that don't have access simply don’t see the block.

As well as enabling specific users to edit attributes, Front End Attribute Editor can also be a great convenience for site administration. For example, adding a Front End Attribute Editor block to a global header area for 'Exclude From Navigation' provides instant feedback of whether a page is excluded from navigation. Adding another block for 'Tags' makes it easy to keep track of and manage how a page is searched and lited in page lists.

Front End Attribute Editor is structured for easy css styling of the on-page tools and dialogs. Please see the documentation for details.

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