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Just in case someone else faces this issue: To have the images ordered according to the order in the file set, I copied the block controller and added one line to the function 'loadFileSet()':

function loadFileSet(){
    $fs = FileSet::getByID($this->fsID);
    $fileList = new FileList();
    $fileList->sortByFileSetDisplayOrder();  // <-- new
    $files = $fileList->get(1000,0);

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msglueck replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks! exactly what I was looking for!
stevesmileyrgd replied on at Permalink Reply

Was this the one located in the libraries directory. I'm using the latest version (5.4.2) and can't seem to find that code anywhere?

Any suggestions?

10010110 replied on at Permalink Reply
That controller file is located in /packages/asmiller_gallery/blocks/asmiller_gallery and these lines are around 76–80.
kappi replied on at Permalink Reply
You're a life saver, thanks.

Now If I could find a way to call specific images to display when using a query string.
admin replied on at Permalink Reply
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mrjcgoodwin replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for this - just what I needed. Allowed me to create this snippet that might be useful for someone. Creates a custom gallery from a file set, defined by a custom page attribute called 'gallery_fileset'.

$gallerySet = $c->getAttribute('gallery_fileset');
$fs = FileSet::getByID($gallerySet);
$fl = new FileList();
$files = $fl->get();
foreach($files as $f) {
    echo '<img src="'.$f->getDownloadURL().'" alt="'.$f->getTitle().'">';

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