WARNING: concrete5 5.6 and earlier are end-of-life. Sales from the marketplace have now ended. Click here to learn more about this transition.

GalleryES (for 5.6)

Think Outside The Block

New version 1.50! Added a block, single page, and dashboard setting to further automate your gallery needs! Now you can simply add a "GalleryES Gallery" block and all of your GalleryES galleries are displayed! Click on any gallery and you are taken to a single page displaying all of your photos inside your gallery. Check it out!

  • Image Management System
    • Upload & Organize Your Images
    • Easily Update Descriptions, Captions, Titles & Tags
    • Set Featured & Mature Content Attribute On Images
    • Manipulate Your Images (Rotate, Resize, Watermark & Backup/Restore)
  • Gallery Display
    • Display Your Single Gallery In 5 Different Ways, All Responsive With Single Blocks!
    • Tile Gallery, Masonry Gallery, Slideshow, Filmstrip Gallery & Single Image
    • Display All Your Galleries In A Block Linked To A Single Page For Easy Display! Only One Block Displays ALL Your Galleries! (Tile & Masonry For Display In Galleries Only)
    • Newest Images & Featured Image Block To Display Your Latest Or Most Awesome Images. Great For Sidebars!
    • Tag Cloud Block For Your Image Tags
    • Mature Content Accept Block - Visitors Must Say OK Before Any Mature Content Is Displayed
Responsiveness is compatible with all modern browsers and cell phones. Lightbox is touch friendly and mobile optimised!

Check out my great reviews and please leave one yourself if you love GalleryES!

Please look at my extensive manual on how to get the most out of GalleryES! If you have an older gallery already installed, be sure to make backups of changes! Using overrides is easiest way to avoid overwriting.

Browser Compatibility
All modern browsers are recommended.
Chrome, Firefox 20+, IE10, Safari - All galleries look good.
IE9 - All galleries. Multi-upload not available.
IE8 - Slideshow/Filmstrip might need CSS workarounds.  Multi-upload not available.
IE7 - Use tile gallery only to be completely compatible with this version. Multi-upload not available.

*NOTE: Watermarked images only work with galleryES blocks/pages. Have suggestions? Feel free to post them and I'll consider!


Sales have ended due to EOL

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