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Instant Swipe (c5.6)

Improve the touch screen friendliness of your site by adding swipe gestures. For desktop browsers Instant Swipe also responds to equivalent mouse gestures of click-hold-move.

Each Instant Swipe block attaches swipe gestures to an element on the page. Use Instant Swipe blocks to extend galleries, sliders, paginated lists, navigation, tabs and more with touch screen swipe behaviour.

Usually this will be Swipe Left to go to the next item or page and Swipe Right to go to the previous item or page.

If you want to use them, Instant Swipe can also provide Swipe Up and Swipe Down behaviours.

To use Instant Swipe you need to know a little bit about CSS or jQuery selectors. If you know a little bit about selectors, you can add swipe behaviour in just a few minutes. For each Instant Swipe block you will need to provide a selector for:

  • A unique selector for the region where it is watching for swipes.
  • A unique selector for where it will trigger events for each type of swipe. This will usually be the "Next" or "Previous" buttons, but can be anything.

Have a look through the Swipe Configurations section of the documentation to get an idea of just some of the ways you can enhance your site with Instant Swipe.

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Sales have ended due to EOL

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