Does this module support international Date Format and Languages?

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Hi, does this module support international Date Format and Languages?

Because i need it whit italian date format (d/m/y) and with italian name for day and month!

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually I did have someone else ask this.

What I am not sure of is if the datepicker's(like if you put a page in edit mode in concrete5 and go to change the DatePublic part up top) is in the d/m/y format in concrete5.

I just looked at the code and to me it checks to see:

if (LANGUAGE != 'en') {

$(function() { jQuery.datepicker.setDefaults({dateFormat: \'yy-mm-dd\'}); });</script>');

it forces you to use that fomat, not d/m/y, is that the case?

If you can live with the datepicker the way it is (It can be switched, but it is a bit more work) and instead wherever the date is publicly shown(blocks and everywhere else except for the actual field in the datepicker I can certainly make that a config option. I would do this at the same time I sit down to make the entire app translateable.

Please let me know how and where you want the date format changed, and if in your opinion leaving the datepicker as is works for you.

jero replied on at Permalink Reply
And now there's someone else asking too. It seems obvious that another entry in settings might control this.

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