any Add-On could handle conditional user attribute fields?

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Hello everyone, I have a very specific question here: say I need to categorize users based on their favorite sports type, they have basketball, soccer, baseball etc. to choose from; then based on their choice from 1st select dropdown list, the registration user attribute field needs to have another dropdown list... for example, if user chooses baseball from the 1st dropdown, then the 2nd dropdown will provide a list of baseball teams(yankee, redsox etc.) for user to choose his/her favorite team from...

I'd also like to be able to assign the new users into a default group based on one of the attribute values they've chosen during registration(for example, their favorite team, so a group of Yankee, a group of RedSox, etc.).

Is there any Add-On could handle this type of user registration now? Any constructive responses appreciated!!!

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
This will require some customizations to the registration page. See this comment for the basic idea:


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