SEO Attributes

Adds two custom attribute types and changes the built in meta title and meta description to these types. The custom types have an additional character count to help editors write within the recommended lengths. 


Currently supported languages: English, Dutch 


Will it update existing meta titles and meta descriptions?
Yes. It updates the existing attributes (meta_title and meta_description). Basically this add-on adds two custom attribute types and then applies their btID to the existing attributes. 

Do my meta titles and meta descriptions get lost if I deinstall the add-on?
No, it will set the original attributes types back. All data remains. The meta_title will just be a normal text again and the meta_description will be set back to a normal textarea field.

Can I use the character counter for other fields too?
Nope, it has been designed for the meta title and meta description only. Though you can and may reuse the code for your own custom attribute types.


1.0: Added German, Greek and Italian translations. Initial version.

Approved by PRB

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