Version History

1.9: Modified the code adding http:// to urls with no prefixes. It now allows for more flexibility and any type of prefix.

1.8: Added French translation, courtesy of Pomlo

1.7: Removed "target=_blank" on email link and corrected a little internationalisation related problem (thanks to Pomlo)

1.6: Added Instagram and removed several dead networks (Brightkite, Google wave, Gowalla, iLike, Mixx, Mobileme, Yahoobuzz)

1.5: Fixed an issue with older versions of C5 (thanks to  SoulDesigns)

1.4 Added Imdb

1.3 Added Pinterest

1.2 Added Google Plus, Rdio, Slashdot, Steam, and Xanga

1.1 Changed part of the code that was reducing the urls to small cap. Some links such as Youtube's are case sensitive apparently. Problem solved