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Social Sharing

Allows you to add share icons for the most used social networks. These include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Email.

The folder 'useful' contains 64x64 PNG icons that can be uploaded in the file manager. It is possible to edit the description property of each image to provide a title tag such as 'Share this page on Twitter'. 

The block controller doesn't include any Javascript or CSS files, to prevent unnecessary HTTP-requests. Instead I recommend to add styles to your main CSS-file, e.g. to add a margin-right to the icons.

Also check the documentation page.


2015/11/23: 1.5.
- Disable 'Show interactions' if you get a Twitter error.

2014/03/21: 1.3. 
- Fixed sharing URL and number of likes Facebook (graph) (thanks @roggy!)
- Add comments to controller.php

2014/03/19: 1.2.
- C563 compatibility.

2014/03/01: 1.1.1.
Updated icon.

2014/01/14: 1.1.
Changed block cache settings. 

2013/10/29: 1.0.
- Added 'show_likes' column.
- Number of shares on Facebook or tweets on Twitter can be displayed in view.php. See updated useful/style.css for an implementation of the css.

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