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I purchased and installed package a few weeks ago for a new site, very impressive.

It all seems to work OK and the data is there except under popularity it shows graph info correctly for the year but in tables view it is not showing the visits for this month January.

Do I have to wait until the end of the month or is there a glitch? Thanks in advance.

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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
what version of the stats package are you running? can you try updating to the latest version?

(btw, there's a support forum for each package. from now on can you post support requests in there, since it's easier for me to track what's open or closed? thx.)
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
actually I just replicated this same issue on another installation. I'll do some debugging on this and let you know when a fix is available.
Tony replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
ok, I just uploaded a new version of the package that should fix the issue you're having, so if you update it should be fixed. thanks for catching that.
dhdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for that Tony all working correctly now.

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