Differences in Statistics between Concrete5 default stats, Traffic & Stats add-on & forum view counts

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I'm seeing widely different statistics between the Concrete5 default stats, Traffic & Statistics add-on stats and & the forum view counts. I've attached screen shots of these three from this morning and also included table counts. The website is new and has been tracking statistics since September 20th.

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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
the traffic and stats package is only aware of visits which have occurred after it has been installed (the same is true with other stats packages). The Total Visits number in the dashboard though is part of the concrete5 core, and records all the visits that have ever occurred. There are a few other differences too. If someone comes directly to the dashboard, the stats package won't record their visit since the javascript tracking code isn't included there (although it can be). It can also be set up to exclude certain IPs or groups, like admins. The stats package also tries to exclude robots/search-crawlers etc, while the c5 core's total visits number doesn't.
oakhill replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your quick response. I understand there can be differences, but these seem pretty extreme. The statistics for the last few days for the addon are:
Date/Visits/Page Views
Thursday, November 6, 2014 /4 /9
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 /3 /4
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 /6 /9
Monday, November 3, 2014 /6 /14

The concrete5 standard stat report shows page views between 228 and 456 for those days. Since this makes a huge difference in how well the site is doing, I'm wondering which is correct. The Discussion Forum view numbers seem to support the larger numbers as do the table record numbers.

I have it set to exclude the admin group, but it isn't excluding them. The admin user and the other user in the admin group are listed under User Visits and I can see the other numbers change when I visit pages.

Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
so are you sure there's no crawlers / robots crawling your site? you could also try installing google analytics to compare with another source. Also you might want to check that you're not getting javascript errors from your website within some browsers. That might be causing the stats package to not fire correctly some of the time.
oakhill replied on at Permalink Reply
I read that someone else was seeing similarly huge differences between Google Analytics numbers and the Concrete5 built in statistics report. I activated Google Analytics the day before yesterday and yesterday's numbers are similar to yours. I guess there are a huge number of crawler/bots hitting the site.

One thing I noticed in your screen resolution report is that 60% of the screens are 100 X 30 pixels. Is this a default when it's not able to determine the resolution? I can't think of what type of screen would be that small.

Thanks for your help.

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