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Is this package able to show where user groups have been, etc on a site? Rather than actual users.

Many thanks in advance...

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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
no, currently it doesn't do anything special with groups, beyond the ability to ignore traffic from users in certain groups. I've never had someone request something like this. What kind of scenario were you imagining?
mikewatts replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Tony,
Thanks for your quick reply.
The scenario is that if I had a music site for example and users were in groups like piano players, violin players and percussionists I would like to be able to see where those groups in particular were going on my site.

I guess that if it can track users it might be non too complicated for me to segment those users into their particular group and report that?

What's your opinion?

Many thanks again

Kind regards. Mike
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
well, i guess that makes sense. seems like it would be quite a bit of work on my side of things to make it work though. I'd pretty much have to rewrite most of the code to work on a group basis instead of a user basis. But currently it does have the ability to track a users path through the site, and if they're registered, then you can click through to their profile to see what group they're in.

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