Version History

1.1.5 - Bug fix for block submission introduced from 1.1.4.

1.1.4 - Fixed submit button to support tap events from mobile devices.

1.1.3 - Bug fix for Mobile Gallery which does not save custom images.

- Fixed Page List Carousel template.

- Improved jQuery indepency which means this will work with Concrete5 version 5.4+

1.1.2 - Removed possible javascript conflict with future versions of C5.

- Added warning message when Mobile Carousel is added in an AJAX-page to avoid confusion.

1.1.1 - Improved support for Android 4.0 and below for scrolling mobile pages.

1.1 - Updated scripts for compatibility on C5.5 and above.

- Improved Photo Gallery block

1.0.4 - Added support for C5.5 (except for Mobile Gallery)

1.0.3 - Minor tweak to header.php for mobile device detection.

1.0.2 - Improved support for multiple versions of jQuery on the same page (with the exception of the Mobile Gallery block)

1.0.1 - Removed "Ajax" page type, not it's controlled using a custom page attribute.

1.0 - Initial Release