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I just started using this theme and it fits our needs and is pretty easy to customize using the CSS files. I was just about to boast about a quick turnaround on this site when I found it does not work well on my Android tablet or iPhone. The page appears, but it's just scaled down from the original size. On my PC, when I shrink down the window size, it responses properly.

My tablet is a 10.1" running Android 4.1 and my phone is an iPhone 4s.
We are looking at the HEADER.PHP file and the WEBMAKER.CSS file for answers, but nothing is hitting us yet.

The URL is:

Thank you!!!

Tim Cerami

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fieldsyncmobile replied on at Permalink Reply
We figured this out.. We are doing a redirect to this site from another URL that for some reason ended up putting the site into a FRAME, which wreaked havoc on the responsive part.

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