Just made a new autonav template for everyone

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Hey there :)

I was in need of another view of autonav, looking similar to the icoon block (Icon on top, title below), but with the functionality of autonav so usable for bulk pages without manual adding of paths etc.

Have a look at the code before using it, it is on your own risk! Maybe someone may even clean up or improve?

If you want to use it, just copy the .zip file into packages/theme_supermint/blocks/autonav/templates

and use it as a autonav template.

It displays a horizontal set of boxes with some spacing, including a icon into each box, the icon (font awesomes) needs to be defined in the child page and it displays the name of the page, the whole box works as a hyperlink to the subpages and has a little hover effect.

Worked well for me, hope it does the same for you :)

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