With the features that exist even in legacy version 6, plenty of proud site owners have built powerful private websites to help their organization communicate internally. Version 8 is right around the corner and includes a way to easily manage structured centralized content (Express). We’ve already got most of the parts, so we’re putting some love into revisiting the My Account area to enable team collaboration. As I mentioned at the start of the year, it is concrete5’s time to graduate from WCM to ECM.

You can be instrumental in making this new Intranet project a success. We’re building customer profiles and feature priority lists right now. We’re comp’ing up the basics, but we need to learn a lot more. If you work on a team and pay some vendors for software that enables that process, we want to know everything about your hopes and dreams for the future.

Let us know some details and we’ll consider you for our beta team. Free licenses, more questions, swag - you'll be living the dream!

We want a really open design process on this. We're thankful for your time, so we'll keep the questions short and to the point.