Blocked IP

I managed to enter the wrong password in my log at my admin console and my IP has been banned. How can I fix this? Thanks.

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Whalsy replied on at Permalink Reply
I have sorted this issue out.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply

Can you please share with us how you solved this problem so it may help others in the future?

dhammadude replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes it's annoying to not have an answer posted to this question! I'm facing the same problem right now and trying to figure it out.
dhammadude replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay, I fixed this in the database by finding the "UserBannedIPs" table and deleting the rows. I didn't actually see my IP address there, just some large integer, but perhaps it translates into my IP. After deleting that I could login.

An alternate option could be to try and login from another IP (maybe your smart phone using your cell data connection) - just don't get banned from it too!
tobyme replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I solved this in 2 minutes following John The Fish's answer here:

Just go to that table (backed up before doing anything) deleted the only row in the table and relogged in.