creating a link with a drop down image when you hover the mouse over it.


I was wondering if anyone could help??

I am wanting to create a nice link button with text in that when you hover over it with your mouse a picture tied in with the link shows as a drop down from the link button.

I would also like the image to link to the same place as the button if possible.

Is there an addon available?? or can someone tell me how I can do it as I have no idea how to go about doing jquery or anything.

Thanks in advance


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robert1984 replied on at Permalink Reply
forgot to mention...

I only need it on my home page

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The second example in the getting started section of

Gives one way of doing it.

There are plenty of other ways. jQuickie is not an essential part, just a tool that makes it simpler.