Possible to disable Updates checking

Hi all! I am running one of my C5 sites inside of a corporate firewall, which has disabled access to the general network from inside the firewall. Corporate policy is pretty restrictive for inside services accessing and communicating with outside services so I cannot get permission to set up any sort of apache reverse proxy to let C5 update itself. No problem there, except now whenever I login to the site after a while, I get 30 seconds of a grey screen saying "checking for updates".

How can I disable that update check since the server will not be able to resolve the outside IP address? I would prefer to do it inside of C5 rather than setting an update server IP address to loopback or something internally on my server.

The "best" answer will be one that shows me where this is documented so I can answer future questions myself!



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frz replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
you can configure that stuff with whitelabeling flags

best wishes

Franz Maruna
CEO - concrete5.org
pendragn replied on at Permalink Reply
Perfect, thanks!!
fastcrash replied on at Permalink Reply
so, for software it's called white labelling
for hardware it's called black label, for music there is indie labell
spencerhudson replied on at Permalink Reply
Only one white label setting referees to updates. I've set this to false but the spinning "Checking for updates" is still being displayed.

define('ENABLE_APP_NEWS', false);

Is there another white label setting that needs to be set.
spencerhudson replied on at Permalink Reply
spencerhudson replied on at Permalink Reply
I've applied these and the "checking for updates" has stopped:


interesting to see if this works for others.
spencerhudson replied on at Permalink Reply
lehr provided this block of code - insert this into your /elements/header.php if you've got one ... and only the ADMIN user will see get the "checking for updates" if there are any! Seems to work a treat. Thanks again lher

$u = new User();
if($u->uID > 1)
$u->saveConfig('NEWSFLOW_LAST_VIEWED', time() + (24 * 60 * 60));