Detailed Single Page How-To: Example FAQ

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For all developers struggling with how/why they might make a single page interface for editing page-level content, I've created a how-to (as part of our concerted effort to do at least one new how-to or screencast a week.)

The How-to is also posted on our how-tos section in the documentation

Finally, code is available for download (follow either of those links) and a free package of the FAQ system described in the how-to is now available for download in the marketplace.

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synlag replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you :)
fastcrash replied on at Permalink Reply
i think brief answer is enough, i dont need read more/full answer attribut.
the problem is, if i have 100 question i have to 'exclude from nav' checked for all this 100 page question? couse i dont want it appear on sub drop down menu level.

what's different this add-on from Easy News Add-on?

So there is Faq section & Faq Tags, where is Faq Tags attribut appear? can i turn off this feature?

thanks all, andrew!
Abs0lute replied on at Permalink Reply
I've installed the FAQ add-on. At first I followed the directions on your website, then removed them and replaced w/ the files that are available for download.
Now, when I go to Dashboard » FAQ Entries » "Click Here to Add FAQ Entry", I get the following error:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PageNotFoundController in ..../concrete/controllers/page_not_found.php on line 12

I've un-installed and re-installed several times. Removed the blocks, controllers, & single_pages files to no avail.
Please help, I'm not sure what made it throw the error.
Thanks in advance!
fastcrash replied on at Permalink Reply
i use ver. and install faq block and it running well.

you must upload block to 'root/packages',
and add page atribut faq section to the page when you create new page.
Abs0lute replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay, I got it working and I'm no longer getting the fatal error:) Many thanks to Andrew for creating the FAQ and detailing how to set it up here:

Be sure to read exactly what it's saying. Also, there's no need to create the code needed yourself, it is included in the install in packages/example_faq. You just have to follow the directions and place everything that's there where it needs to go (single_pages, blocks, & controllers). Thanks fastcrash!

Now, I've got 2 little issues with it that I'm not sure why they're not working.

1) On my main FAQ page, the FAQ's are showing, but they don't have the nice "Q:" and "A." text next to each question. How do I get that to show correctly? Currently, it's just showing a list of the FAQs, kinda like a blog entry, w/o the pretty little "Q:" and "A:" text next to each one. Suggestions?

2) When I click on a FAQ, it takes me to the page that was created, but nothing is there. Page just looks like my template w/o any content. What am I missing here? I thought it would create those pages automatically. Do I need to do something to them to make the Question and Answer show?
Thanks in advance!
Abs0lute replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
I've narrowed it down some I think. While Andrew's tut shows the custom template modal box at the end of the tutorial (pic attached) and this text:
Add a Page List and Apply the Custom Template
Add the Page List block on your various FAQ Section pages, configure them to show their child pages, and then assign this custom template to them.

I don't get that custom template modal box. I get the standard page list box. (pic attached).
What am I doing wrong that I don't get the same result?
Abs0lute replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay, I've figured out where that custom template was - right under my nose!
Looks like I've got it all working now. Pat on the back.
Never-the-less, thanks Andrew for the FAQ block, and thanks fastcrash for pointing me in the right direction!