No primary key found

HI i just have this error on website client can you help me with that i'm not famyliar with concrete 5

mysqli error: [-1: No primary key found for table btSocialShareLite] in BlockRecord::UpdateActiveTable(0, 0)

Ver is 5.6.4
PHP is PHP 5.6

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EvanCooper replied on at Permalink Reply
I think that relates to this addon

I wonder if that block type got uninstalled without the actual package getting uninstalled or something along those lines?

It might take some more in-depth troubleshooting so you could also contact your hosting provider or hit up the jobs board to see if some folks can help troubleshoot:
tfmlas replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Evan thanks for the answer

Q. I'm wondering if this type of block got uninstalled without the actual package uninstalling or something like that?

A. It might be possible, I only know that it had a switch to PHP version 5.6 to 7.3 and back to 5.6 without any other modification. I also know that this site is connected concrete with an account that we no longer have access to. is it possible to disconnect a site to reconnect it with another account, it would be possible easier for problem solving