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The recommended method to install, is simply using your target website marketplace page. However, if you wish not to use concrete5 internal feature, you can follow the next instructions:

  1. Download the zip archive
  2. Uncompress the zip archive into your packages/ directory
  3. Visit your Add Functionality page (located at )
  4. Click on the Install button


After installing the addons, a new "Addon List" block will be available. To display the package list, just add the "Addon List" block to a page. Since the retrieval of marketplace URL can be a bit slow, I would recommend to cache the output of this block to have improve the page loading time. More documentation about Concrete5 caching system can be found Here

Be warned that icons and text are only linked to the marketplace if the site is connected to the community.


This addon is a free addon, and does not come with free support. If you have a problem, just post a support request, we will reply when we have some time to do so.