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When creating a blogpost, I can specify a tag.
A kind of grouping the different blogposts.
I wish to make iT possible that those Tags are listed on the main blog page.
And also the possibility to filter the blogposts when selecting one of these Tags.

Best regards,

Stefaan De Reu

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C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply

The "Tags" system is totally concrete5 core functionality. The only thing we do in the blog package is to supply you the means to write some tags to the blog page tags attribute.

To learn more about how the tags system works please look at the doc pages:

stedereu replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Michael,

I think that I did succeed to filter the blog list by means of a tag.
I am happy with that.

I still have another question.
Is it possible to add the thumbnail of the author on the blog page (when selecting a particular blog post) in addition to the name and date of the publisher.

thank you very much.
C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply
Interesting idea. But that is not possible in our package at the moment. There is a few problems about this because the AVATAR of a user is fairly small (80px X 80px) and it is controlled by concrete5 core. Why do you not just upload an image to our thumbnail and use it this way?

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