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I use ProBlog on my current website but am updating concrete now and it is no longer supported.

I'm looking at your add-on:

Going through questions I saw a couple that I wanted to clarify.

Your add-on synchs with RSS and MailChimp to automatically send my blogs when posted? And, I have the Eclipse theme on the site I am building and wanted to make sure that the MAIN page is something I don't have worry about with this theme and add-on compatibility.

Thank you.


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C5DK replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Brandscapes,

As our blog package is using most of the concrete5 core functionality, I do not see any problem with RSS feeds. We use the standard concrete5 core page list that will do just that.

The blog pages is just pages (nothing special about that), so you can treat all blog pages as you would with all other pages. So the functionality you are talking about should be possible. But we do not link to MailChimp with our package. That functionality would be something we have to develop and it's not on our todo list at the moment.


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