How to use Calendar Nav

1. Install Calendar Nav

2. In the Dashboard, go to Pages and Themes > Page Types

3. Click the Settings button for each page type you want to be able to be shown in Calendar Nav

4. Tick the 'Show this item in Calendar Nav' box in Default Attributes


That's it! Now for your chosen page types you will have a 'Show this item in Calendar Nav' property in the Custom Attributes tab in Properties for all new pages you create.

For existing pages of page types you have just added to Calendar Nav, you will need to edit and save their properties to update them with their new Calendar Nav attribute setting.

To show the Calendar Nav on a page simply add the block where you require it. You will need to create/select a page to be used as a Listing Page to be taken to when you click a highlighted calendar item, then select this page as your listing page in the block's settings.

To create a listing page, simply add a Calendar Nav block where appropraite for the listing and change the block's Display Mode mode to 'List'. This is now the page to select for result listings in your 'Calendar' Display Mode Calendar Nav blocks.