cannot access c5 website on mobile network

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I have a problem with accesing mu first c5 website over the mobile network. It keeps saying "cannot find the server"
When connected to wifi there's no problem?
only when i use my mobile internet connection. The problem is only the c5 site, all other website connections are ok
On pc's in different locations there's also no problem.

i installed C5 directly into httpdocs folder on live server.

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi thissid,

Your question might have come to the wrong forum, this forum is about the database case sensitivity migration tool:

I think your question is more general that should be posted in the main community forums of concrete5:

I think the problem is not related to the add-on.

Antti / Mainio
thissid replied on at Permalink Reply
will do.
tnx, T

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