Just add a rule to the mysql configuration file.

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Just set your mysql config in the my.ini file.

No Mac, Win or Nix problem.
Just a user problem, your development env. needs to be set correctly.

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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
Written by us when this add-on was published:

I also personally find the add-on useful when I need to deal with moving sites that have been running under a database on Windows Server machines which don't have the setting correctly setup.

Fortunately, you seem to be in a position that you can control all the webmasters of the world, so good for you!

Yes, commonly you should not need it. It's just for migration purposes as the topic of the add-on should already point out.
timtorres replied on at Permalink Reply
This addon is for AFTER. Like if you already started building, the changed MySQL setting won't affect anything you've done already so this addon takes care of renaming everything.

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