Getting Started

A simple install will enable you to start to add your stores.

Google API

First job is to create your google API key from Google.

You can then add this key into the HW Store Location addon under settings.


Adding Stores

Select HW Store Locations from the dashboard, and select Add store top right.

  • Enter the Store Name, this will be the main title i.e. Apple Store London
  • Address search enables you to search for the store, select your store from the list which will then populate the other address fields. When you select the store this automatically geolocates the latitude and longitude.
  • If the address fileds are incorrect simply amend them.
  • Complete by filling in the rest of the fields as required.


If your store cannot be found select a property in the close vacinity and enter the address fields manually.

Bulk import using CSV

Select Importstores under HW Store Locations.

Download the example CSV file, this has the correct format to ensure a successful import.
When you have added all the store data to the csv file you can choose the file to be imported.
You have 2 options

  • All stores will be removed and replaced with the csv file

  • Appends the store list with the csv file

The first option removes all exsisting stores from the database and imports a fresh list.
The second option adds to your exsisting store list.

Press Import and your stores will be imported. Go back to show all stores and you will see none have being GEOCoded yet.

Auotmated Jobs 

The next step in importing your stores is to use the automated jpbs within the dashboard.

Either use the dashboard search for jobs or you can find jobs situated under
System and settings -> Optimization -> Automated Jobs 

Here you will see a job called  HonestWebsites Store Geocode, run this. Due to the limitations of Google depending on the amount of stores you may have to run a few times to complete.
Any errors are logged in the log report which you will find under

Reports -> Logs

Typical errors are:

failed to geocode. Status OVER_QUERY_LIMIT

This is down to the number of stores that you have geocoded, resolve by running the job again.

failed to geocode. Status ZERO_RESULTS

Google cannot find the address, resolve by amending the address


Editing your stores

Within the list of all the stores click on the edit button, which will show the store screen. If the store only requires a small alteration, then edit the field that requires change, otherwise use the address search to re geolocate and populate the address fields.

Deleting your stores 

Find the store within the list and select the delete button. You will be prompted that you really want to delete the store.

Adding Store Categories

Select Store Groups from under HW Store Locations within the dashboard.

  • Enter a group Name
  • select an image marker to be shown on the map
  • Press the Add Group button

Edit Store Categories

  • On the group line select the pencil icon which will enable the line to be editied.
  • Click the green save button to save the changes.


Adding the Store locator block to your website

With concrete5 5.7 press the + sign top left. A lost of all blocks will be presented. Under Other drag accross the HW Store Locator block where you would like it on the page.

A form will be presented

  • Enter the Map title 
  • Choose the correct units, Km/Miles
  • Center of Map (For example Address Isle of man with a zoom level 5, centers the uk, North Platte, NE, United States with a zoom of 3, centers the USA)
  • Amend the Search options if required, This amends the radius of search. The default is 5,10,20,50,100,200.
  • Uncheck any fields you don't want to show in the sidebar or marker.

Map only results

Within edit mode on the Store locator, block choose Design & custom template
Click on the cogg, Advanced-> custom Template, select MapOnly and save

Publish changes to your page