Version History

2.0.1 Improved logging if PXPay2 request setup fails

2.0.0 Support fot PXPay2 method in addition to PXAccess

1.1.1 DPS accesses the web site and invokes the order completion code before returning the browser back to the web site. This is harmless but causes duplicate emails. Now checks order status and skips to the finish page if order is already complete.

1.1   Starting with ecommerce 2.8, it's now possible to generate an invoice  number before going off to the gateway, setting the order status to "payment incomplete". Changed to take advantage of this facility, and therefore to pass the invoice number to DPS, instead of the order number which is meaningless outside of the database.

1.0.2 Encyrption of order ID was confusing. Removed it.

1.0.1 the PHP config value "suhosin.get.max_value_length" is sometimes set to a value that is too small, so if the 'request' parameter is apparently missing from the $_GET array. If it's missing, attempt to extract it from S_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] instead. Add log entries if it's not found.

1.0.0 First Version.