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Before 1.5.1

Review posted by Juanito12 on at

Great simplicity and effectiveness

This add-on works really very well, just the possibility to customize the event description with image and color text in calendar plus the tools to manage events is sufficient to me to move to pro version.
Review posted by kspitzley on at

Very nice, simple event addon

The addon worked as advertised, no errors, is very reasonably priced, and is well-documented.

I gave it a 4-star instead of a 5-star review because I think there are a couple of missing features - the ability to add a separate event location address (very common in event/calendar addons so that we can create a 'get directions' link from the address) and the ability to copy an event for reoccurring events.

1.5.1 -

Review posted by plschneide on at

Great support and simplicity

The native calendar is great and the google integration isn't bad. I would say the only thing suffering from the google integration is the google API doesn't support some native things like colored categories (even though the calendar in google does).

Also have to say really really terrific support on the plugin. Great to see the developer engaged in improving it and being responsive. -

Review posted by dmurphy on at

Easy to get up and going with Google Calendar integration

I haven't been a fan of Google's offering for embedding a Google Calendar and was happy to come across this add-on. It was super easy to plug in the API key and address of one of my Public calendars and get a simple list of events. I did customize some of the code to better suit what I was looking to do and overall it was an easy undertaking to tweak the developer's code. Thanks!!

1.6.3 -

Review posted by BridgetB on at

GREAT Service

Simple to use add-on. Meanwhile I bought it twice :-) also because of the GREAT service. I asked for a little change in the calendar (list view) and it was done immediately!!! Thanks again.

2.3 -

Review posted by jmnino on at

Awesome calendar and even better support!

Did I say how awesome the calendar and support is?? Damian has gone above and beyond to make this calendar add-on one of the best. We asked for some tweaks and he made it happen within 2 days if not sooner!

2.3.2 -

Review posted by skau61 on at

just my mistake: confirm outstanding calendar

In previuos review i've stated that logging in as administrator from mobile devices, I could not see the eventcalendar entry.. so I could not add events from mobile phone.
I discovered that it was my problem... even from mobile it works like a sharme
Sorry everybody that I gave a wrong indication
Review posted by skau61 on at

very satisfied.. some enhancements

works perfect... Just some suggestions more:
in Dashbord I can add events, but on mobile devices (with standard C5 ..., logging in as administrator, I cant see the eventcalendar entry.. so I cant add events from mobile phone.
May be it's possible or to add events directly form site (clicking on calendar, as outlook calendar works), or to include the entry in dashboard for mobile devices.
Response by IceManSpy on at
I wrote post on forum and this is answer:

Probably it is bug in Concrete 5 .
Also on mobile site you can click on Dashboard and scroll on the page to Calendars pages.

2.3.2 -

Review posted by karty on at

Very effective and simple addon - great work!

Using the dsEventCalendar Pro 5.7 on Concrete5 version 8.1, Very effective and simple addon to tie in work rosters from a Google calendar rather than paste in Google iFrame html code. The API works well I'm using it with the Fundamental theme and it renders beautifully on all device sizes.
Review posted by mesign on at

Great app, great support

The dsEventCalendar Pro 5.7 works great (concrete5 version 8.1), see (Dutch). Great support!

2.3.5 -

Review posted by datacraftsteve on at

Fabulous Support!!! Great add on

I can't say enough good things about Damian and the help and patience has provided me.

I totally like his calendar app but had an issue with the colors not coming out right for different types. We went back and forth for a while with screen shots, etc. In the end I provided him my site credentials and asked if he would go in and check for himself.

He fixed the colors in a second and provided me the info I needed so that I could go forward without the problem in the future.

FYI, my problem is probably typical for a newbee like myself. I know just barely enough to get things done and also to mess things up. The color codes need the hash symbol "#" at the beginning of the code and of course I blocked the entire cell and replaced it with the color code I wanted...without adding the hash. As bugs bunny would say, "what a maroon".

Thanks Damian! Sorry to take up your time for such a silly thing.

FYI, I offered to pay him to go into my site and check as well as for all his time I wasted with the screenshots and emails. But he refused any payment. Awesome!!
Review posted by ScottsdaleUnified on at

Excellent Customer Service

Needed a custom solution and the author was extremely helpful. I recommend this to anyone needing a calendar solution on their concrete site.

2.3.7 -

Review posted by ScottsdaleUnified on at

Refund - Simple features not being updated

I will be asking for a refund as the developer has claimed they do not have time for work on improvements, when in actuality they are bugs that hamper use of the addon.

Creating an event that is one day long displays two dates on the list event block. I am not asking for much here...

Will be looking at other options.
Review posted by paddydeakin on at


Excellent. I end up using this on most projects. Never any issues :)
Review posted by clovisusd on at

Super Easy for Users, Well Done Overall

This calendar is fast, nice, and easy for users to add events. The only feature I wish it had was an RSS feed. Other than that, it's awesome.
Review posted by OliP on at

Great, easy-to-use and very helpful Add-on with SUPER support!

I use the add-on to show the concert-plan of a music-band and it´s just GREAT!
Never think again of updating passed events, having nice descriptions (modal with html) and you can show the events also in a Calendar-view.
I search a long time to find exactly THIS :-)
Best of all: a really great support - fast and extremly helpful!
I would even give 6 stars :-) ! Thanks!

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