General Settings


  • Items to show: Number of item visible. Set to 1 to have a slider
  • margin between items : Only used when more than 1 item
  • Slide Speed: in milliseconds (1000ms for 1s)
  • Auto Play : Check to enable and set a interval in milliseconds
  • Info Box on Hover : The color of the square with title and description on the main template. This setting is override if a color is set on a image (see bellow)
  • Gallery Background Color : Set the background color of the gallery (transparent by default). This settings is overrided by items colors, when it is in first place, if color transitions is enabled
  • Color Transitions : Enable if you want cool colors transitions of the gallery background color.


Lightbox settings


  • Lightbox : Choose a light box. 2 Lightbox are present for now : Fancybox or The Intense Gallery
  • Lightbox overlay color : The color of the overlay. Light Grey by default
  • Lightbox overlay opacity (from 0 to 1) : The opacity of the bg above.
  • Display Title in Lightbox
  • Display Description in Lightbox : Only with Intense Gallery


Advanced settings

  • Dots Navigation : Enable / Disable dots pagination. Every dots represent a set of items.
  • Navigation + Navigation text : Enable the item per item navigation + Text on each (html like icon from fontawesome are accepted)
  • Loop Navigation : If the slide is on the last slide and we click on 'next' it rewind the slide.
  • Responsive Container : This setting is only used when the block is placed on a full width Area (in your theme). In this case you can activate this option to have the gallery container (with the colored background) that take full width and the content (images) that are constrained in a responsive container based on bootstrap container widths.

Edit images