How to setup the slider

  1. First, associate an image with a page you want featured. To do this, put the page in Edit Mode and click on Properties. Then click on the Custom Attributes tab. Add the Feature Image attribute. Pick the image you want to use. Hit save, exit Edit Mode and Publish.
  2. Next, add a Page List block to the page you want the slider on. Under Numbers and Type of Pages, enter 4 in the Display field (this number must be 4 - inputting a higher number will produce undesirable results). Then, choose the location of where you want the pages displayed from. Finally, check the Truncate Summaries box. The default 128 characters is a good number for that. Click Add to add the Page List block to the page.
  3. Now, click on the Page List block that you just added and choose Custom Template from the menu. Then, select either Featured Content Slider Dark or Featured Content Slider Light from the drop down. Hit Update. Exit Edit Mode and Publish your changes.