Version History

-Mouse wheel fix for FireFox and vertical slider animation (added jquery.mousewheel.js)


-Added target link setting under advanced tab (supports image sliders)
-Added default size to flex image thumbnail template


-Fix for sort and delete function
-Default margin fix for layout white custom template
-Workaround fix for firefox on android devices
-Adjustments to caption animation on "flex image full 2" custom template
-CSS adjustments to image slider templates

-Fix for multiple sliders on same page
-Removed default image from page list templates
-CSS adjustments

-Tooltip adjustments
-Added additional tooltips
-Changed "Force crop" setting name to "Keep aspect ratio"
-CSS reset adjustment


-Updated to latest FlexSlider CSS and JS
-Fixed z-index issues for prev/next nav and play/pause when using fade animation
-Changed bullet navigation from images to CSS for better retina display support
-Changed "slider width" maximum width setting from 1200px to 2560px
-Changed "Force crop image" setting to hide if a page list or product list slider type is selected
-Changed "Multi" tab to hide if sliding direction is set to "vertical"
-Removed built in CDN option
-Added CDN Manager support for centralized CDN management
-Added optional font icon previous/next navigation arrows for better retina display support
-Added play/pause font icons
-Added retina.js for retina display support
-Added alt title support to all image templates
-Added retina support setting under "controls 1" tab
-Added setting always show previous/next nav under "controls 2" tab
-Added setting always show pause/play nav under "controls 2" tab
-Added setting Previous/Next nav type under "controls 2" tab
-Added setting Hide pause/play element on mobile under "controls 2" tab
-Added setting Hide Previous/Next nav on mobile under "controls 2" tab
-Added easing effect setting under "animation" tab
-Added new custom template "flex image full 2"
-Added default image to all page list slider templates
-Added ability to connect two sliders without the need to set the sliders ID manually in the code

-Fix for Bootstrap/Foundation tool tips conflict

-Auto play animation fix for thumbnail nav custom template

-Flexslider product list functionality changed and fixed for latest version of eCommerce (see documentation page)
-Flexslider js updated to latest version 2.1
-Added preloader to flexslider image templates
-Added file manager title/description attribute option for flexslider image templates and flexslider image thumbnail template
-Added new page list slider custom template

-Added 2 custom templates for the default YouTube block (stops video playback)
-Hover fix for prev/next arrows on white custom templates
-Added pre-loader to layout slider custom templates
-Tooltip fix for concrete5

-Link fix for custom templates installed in the concrete5 root
-Removed margin from thumbnail navigation slider main image

-Added CSS reset for ul and ol to prevent conflicts
-Fix for product list templates to even height
-Adjusted CDN to load cropped images instead of full size

-Moved layout slider CSS inside PHP to target id of layout
-Rearranged options to be more intuitive
-Added functionality to hide and show specific options when options that do not support them are enabled or disabled
-CSS fix for small images
-Margin setting fixes
-Vertical slider adjustments
-Fix for multi item silder (setting minimum items displayed to 1 now displays 1 item)

-Fixed product attribute from not saving after re-edit
-Moved cycling speed control under animation tab
-Added adjustable container width setting under advanced tab
-Added adjustable container height setting under advanced tab

-Removed border from default template
-Split custom templates into individual templates to avoid css conflicts
-Set navigation arrows to hide on mobile mode

-Bug fix for concrete5 sites that do not have eCommerce installed
-CSS fix for bootstrap button icons

-Updated to Flexslider version 2
-Grouped settings into tabs
-Added FlexSlider image attribute for pages
-Added titles and descriptions to images
-Added ability to slide layouts with any type of concrete5 block
-Added ability to slide page lists (composer supported)
-Added ability to slide eCommerce products if eCommerce is installed
-Added ability to crop images
-Added ability to set a margin on each slider element (spacing)
-Added ability to set speed for play initialization delay
-Added ability to enable/disable touch swipe navigation for mobile devices
-Added ability to disable CSS3 3D Transforms (Needed if sliding video)
-Added ability to enable/disable navigation for paging control of each slide (arrows)
-Added ability to enable/disable navigation for previous/next navigation (bullets)
-Added ability to allow keyboard navigation to affect multiple sliders
-Added ability to create pause/play dynamic element
-Added ability to set pause and play text
-Added ability to set minimum number of carousel items that should be visible
-Added ability to set maximum number of carousel items that should be visible
-Added ability to set number of carousel items that should move on animation
-Added ability to reverse animation direction
-Added ability to loop animation
-Added ability to allow height of the slider to animate smoothly in horizontal mode
-Added ability to allow slider to use CSS3 transitions if available
-Added 1 additional custom template (image nav slider)

-Bug fix for sorting

-Custom Template2 fix

-Initial release