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Review posted by studio108 on at

Simple to use and connect to Mailchimp

Installed on a version 8.5 site, easy to set up and works!!

I know this add-on is a few years old now but it would be nice if it updated to match all the form question type options that 5.8 has.
Review posted by lukasznillo on at

Great addon

Very useful and easy to configure add-on. Works flawlessly. If you know a bit of HTML and PHP, you can easily configure the templates to your needs. Excellent

Before 2.3

Review posted by juddc on at

Worked for me

Bought for Mailchimp integration with forms. Can populate Mailchimp list fields from Form+ to MC quite easily. If you're having to deal with MC, this add-on made integrating data capture simple.

2.3 -

Review posted by SmoothPixel on at

Excellent features and great support

Purchased for the MailChimp integration which works perfectly and is a great time saver.

The file download feature is good too, and I can see that being useful in future projects.

I discovered a couple of minor issues and these were fixed quickly, with good feedback from the developer.

A+ for Form Plus!

2.3.2 -

Review posted by JonRimmer on at

Great Addon and Excellent support

This addon does exactly what I needed and the support for the addon is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who needs more that the standard form block offers and if you need mail chimp integration to subscriber lists

2.3.4 -

Review posted by SmoothPixel on at

Still the best forms – even in Concrete5.8

If you need MailChimp support this is still the best.

I had multiple problems with the built-in forms (both Legacy and Express) in a C5.8.2 website and, thanks to the developer’s excellent support, I ended up using Form Plus for everything.

The biggest fix is that Form Plus forms work in a Stack. At the time of writing this is broken in Legacy forms (since C5.7) and errors/confirmation messages don’t work in Express.

Form Plus’s reports pages are more fully featured than Express too, which keeps my clients happy.

Thank you BlueFractals!

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