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Submitting forms that contain accented characters (é, è, ä, ö, etc.) renders a parser error (see attachment). My customers speak mostly french, I can't prevent them from using these letters.

Possible fix:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3805050/xml-parser-error-entity-...

I'm due to hand my website over at the end of this week, would it be possible to have a look at this issue in the next few days?

Thanks a ton.

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malcolmisaacson replied on at Permalink Reply
after having taken a look at the file FormifyTemplate.php I found the relevant encoding rules at line 441 and 442, but they were commented out.

$content = html_entity_decode($content);
$content = utf8_encode($content);

After uncommenting both lines, everything seems to work. I hope I didn't break something else
malcolmisaacson replied on at Permalink Reply
My last reply ended up messing up more things. Here's a working fix.

To correct the way the notifications are encoded, open src/FormifyNotification.php, go to line 126 and change

If you put accents in your field's names, they will also be messed up. Open src/FormifyField.php, go to line 93 and change
$field->$col = utf8_encode($val);
$field->$col = utf8_decode($val);
(utf8_ENcode to utf8_DEcode).

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