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seemeu replied on at Permalink Reply
I want to put this block on the Profile page, so that each user could administer their own files (files uploaded by that user). How would that work? I assume the code has to be tweaked to automatically pick the currently logged in user?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Placing FEFM on a user's profile page is a common use.

Assign any user you want to have FEFM access to a group. Then just put an FEFM block on the profile page and select a the group. Concrete5 permissions can then be used so that the FEFM that pops up manages files and file sets specific to that user - this is governed by user and task permissions set from the dashboard.

For the coming Concrete 5.6 release I have a change proposed for the core BlockController class that will enable addons like FEFM to be easily adapted based on page or user attributes, so there could be other mechanisms available in the future.

EDIT: My Magic Data addon with c5.6+ provides many ways to make a page adapt to the page owner, current user, or a user specified in a page attribute.

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