Version History

2.3 - php7 compatibility. Clarify validation in edit dialog.

2.2.2 - Fixes issue with front-end validation of file type for last type in list.

2.2.1 - Minor revision of edit dialog styling. - Fix close button option. Add close after upload option. - Fix of duplicate template name bug. Users may have to edit FEFU blocks and re-select a template after this upgrade if using any template other than the default.

2.2 - Major revision of how uploaders are styled. Options for fancybox dialogs. VERY IMPORTANT - if you have any custom styling or templates for the uploader icon or dialog, you may need to revise your block templates. Please see the documentation for details of v2.2 styling.

2.1.2 - Added css class to outer wrapping element of view & templates, for use in styling and as a flag.

2.1.1 - Latest version of drag/drop library fixes issue with recent version of Chrome/Windows.

2.1 - Page refresh after the upload dialog closes is now optional. The default behaviour has changed to not refresh the page after closing the uploader dialog. If your site depends on the page refreshing, you will need to edit the block and select this option on the Processing tab. JavaScript events added to uploader (please see the documentation).

2.0.4 - Adds workaround for concrete5 core bug that prevents multiple user selectors from coexisting.

2.0.3 - Fixes error in confirmation message after uploading a single file.

2.0.2 - Resolved version incompatibility for pre c5.6.

2.0.1 - Fixes missing return when using Magic Data to upload to a singular file set.

IMPORTANT - Version 2 introduces many requested features. However, some of these may have impacted backward compatibility, particularly with custom templates and other styling overrides. If in doubt, please check on a development system before upgrading.

2.0 - Drag/Drop uploading. Multiple file uploading. Styling of file button. Magic Data Integration. Restructuring for easier styling and future upgrades. Simplification of templates. - updated to load bootstrap.js for c5.6.0.2

1.4 - iOS compatibility through integration with iCabMobile

1.3 - Templates added for a plain link and a plain link with the fileset name.

1.2 - Extended options and time.

1.1 - Now supports option for auto upload on file selection. 

1.0 - Initial release