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This is not a complaint, more an observation and question...

I was editing our website and was on a page which contains a Gallerific gallery. I clicked to edit the Properties of the page, and proceeded to edit the page title and description. I was rather taken aback when the spacebar did not work when I was typing into those fields. After a certain amount of messing around (and the odd expletive), I realised (I think) what was happening... the spacebar is used by Gallerific as one of the actions that cycles to the next image, and even though I was working in a different context, it seemed that the Gallerific gallery was still trapping the spacebar keystrokes. Although the Properties form looks like a modal dialog, it was not acting like one.

Is this conclusion correct? I guess the thing is that the page does not go into edit mode when editing the properties, so it keeps on running as normal. It's not a big deal, because the page properties can always be edited from the sitemap in the dashboard - no problem there. I'm just a bit intrigued - if it's a problem, is it a C5 problem, or a block problem? I can imagine that any block that trapped keystrokes would probably do the same.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
You're absolutely right. Thanks for picking that up.
When the Gallerific package was initially released back in the 5.4.x days, there was no way to edit the Properties for a page without being in edit mode (which caused the gallery script to disable so there was no interference with the keyboard shortcuts (like spacebar).

Unfortunately, there isn't a C5 event I can hook into to check if the "properties" overlay is displayed in 5.5 to automatically disable the keyboard shortcuts temporarily. The only solutions I can think of are:
1) Adding an extra field in the editor interface to turn on and off the keyboard shortcuts. It would be fiddly as it requires the page to be edited if you wish to enable or disable that, and it would just be easier to edit the page "properties" in the Dashboard.
2) Disable the keyboard shortcuts altogether, but then the gallery would lose some useful functionality.

I'm a bit stuck, as I can't think of any decent solution that would work for everyone. If you have any suggestions, I'm open. Otherwise, I may just have to leave it as is and I'll add some notes on the "Documentation" page in the marketplace so it helps other folks in the same situation.

marshallarts replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks - when environments get this complex, the subtlety can be a bit mind-boggling, can't it? Don't lose any sleep over this - like I said, it's no problem simply to cultivate the habit of managing page properties from the dashboard. But maybe mentioning it in the documentation would be a good idea :-)
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, I've added it to the "Documentation" page now:
See the 3rd Q&A.

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