Dublicate and deleting is not possible in backend

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again me, i bought this sensational plugin.
twi issues i have:

- grid galleries cannot be dublicated nor deleted, same issue like i have with the whale owl carousel. no error message, it only does't do anything.
- secondly, less problematic on the ipad the page numbers doesn't show up

many thanks for your help!

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shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
- i just install grid gallery (1.0.2) on a fresh version of C5 ( and delete/duplicate works fine, can u send me exact version of yours, so i can check. Or if u getting any errors plz copy/paste here.
- about the page number? u mean image number on lighbox?
eivissa89 replied on at Permalink Reply

many thanks for your feedback!
the numbers problem i could solve. sorry, i just ticked a box without unintended.

the version of grid gallery is: 1.0.2

unfortunately there's no error message.
would my login be helpful for you?
eldios replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same problem!
I am unable to delete or duplicate!
I use concrete5 with Whale Grid Gallery 1.0.3
No error, just don´t work!
Can you please help?
eivissa89 replied on at Permalink Reply
can you try to log in with another language?
the problem was solved when i logged in in english instead of german. ;)

eldios replied on at Permalink Reply

thank you for your answer.
Yes, in English it works!
shahroq, please can you fix it for German language?

all the best!

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