Version History

1.5 - Latest versions of ace and jshint with editor themes and CDN option. - Updated asset definitions for concrete5.6.0.2 split of bootstrap.js from

1.4 - Shows bootstrap2 assets used by C5.6, maintaining compatibility with concrete5.5. Latest versiond of ACE and jsHint.

1.3 - New options to place script or assets in header or footer.

1.2 - Dashboard upgraded to integrate with Style Quickie.

1.1 - Upgraded editor to Ace version 0.2.0-build942. Provides undo/redo and block folding.

Internet Explorer

The Ace syntax editor is not compatible with and is disabled for Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, you can still use jQuickie, but editing will be just a text box. Developers will receive a richer experience in Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Furthermore, these browsers include much better Developer Console facilities.